Client Testimonials

It feels great to have accomplished this and it never felt like I was on a diet!! I feel better in my clothes and in my own skin even. I’ve learned habits that I know I can carry forward.

Steph E.

Then- I felt heavy, bloated, sluggish, weak, soft, and unmotivated, with low confidence i could do the program and that my body could respond to something like this, and low self worth that I was wearing crappy shapeless clothes around the house and even when we went out. Now- I feel leaner, lighter, more energetic, more solid/firm, stronger, more eager/motivated, i feel like I can crush my workouts (most days, lol), I can stick to the plan long term, I am sure my body will let me get to my "happy weight and size" and stay there, and have started wearing clothes that make me feel good around the house and to go out, and in short I know I can do hard sh!y and what to do if I get off track again in the future.

Jill D.

Thank you! This program has changed my life! It's helped me so much.

Tracy K.

Over the past few months, I have had the pleasure of working with Melissa and have experienced transformative results in both my fitness levels and overall well-being. Melissa designed personalized workout plans tailored to my individual goals and fitness level. She ensures our sessions are not only effective, but also engaging and enjoyable. The ability to adapt routines according to my progress and preferences has been a key factor in maintaining my motivation. She possesses excellent communication skills, explaining exercises clearly and demonstrating proper form to prevent injuries. She creates a positive and motivating atmosphere during sessions, making the journey towards fitness both challenging and enjoyable.

Diana P.

Melissa, I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for me in the last few months. The exercise sessions and your support + encouragement have changed my life.

Sharon M.

Thank YOU for helping me to be the healthiest version of me ever!

I should give credit where credit is due. My nutrition coach Melissa Perkins is pushing me out of my comfort zone, but I’ve already noticed improvements.

Christy S.

Jill's Before and After (Age 48)


One year after working with Melissa, Jill has kept her weight off, added muscle and feels fantastic!


She still enjoys craft beer, doesn't have to live in the gym and has been able to sustain her healthy habits.


You can get a transformation like this too even during peri-menopause and menopause!!

This 51 y.o. client is so excited to see her abs

again after peri-menopausal weight gain.


She was also excited that she didn't have to

give up pizza or her other favorite foods to

get results.


"I don't want to diet. I want sustainable habits 

and knowing what works for my body now." -MP




R.W. lost 20 pounds in 3 months


She was so excited to tuck in her shirts again!


She committed to her health and it shows.



ready to be our next success story?

Brandi B.'s STORY

"Melissa’s TRX classes made me love working out and being active again"

Melissa has been on my fitness journey since 2018, after having my first child. I say journey because fitness for me is a lifestyle not just a quick fix. As a college athlete and Active Duty Service Member I was having difficulty losing baby weight from my first child at the age of 38. Melissa’s TRX classes made me love working out and being active again. I continued to make strives with her classes. Then arrives pregnancy number two. Due to my fitness level, I was able to continue to train with Melissa until I was at 34 weeks in my pregnancy. After delivering at 36 weeks, I was back to TRX at day 7 post-delivery. Oh, I am 40 at this time. I then decided to take Melissa on as a Personal Trainer, and train with her twice a week. I continued to take her TRX and Cycle classes as well. I can say that her motivational skills and support are unprecedented. She knows exactly when to push and when not to push. I am now 11 months post-partum and have lost 70 pounds. I am still on my fitness journey and am extremely excited to have Melissa by my side to my ultimate goal.


Kimberly W.'s STORY

"My favorite thing about my workouts with Melissa is being able to do exercises that I didn't think were possible."

The advice I would give new clients is to be patient and do not give up. There may be moments that are trying, but show up and do it anyway. My favorite thing about my workouts with Melissa is being able to do exercises that I didn't think were possible. Because of my arthritis and the pain that I’ve experienced over several years, I’d abandoned my “can do” attitude. Melissa motivated me to step outside my comfort zone. She helped me strengthen muscles and areas of my body that I had given up on. She is attentive and can immediately alter exercises based on your ability. 

My favorite thing about my workouts is the sense of accomplishment at the end of the session. I take pride in knowing that I am doing something to better myself.  It works wonders on my mental health.


Yvonne L.'s STORY

"Melissa didn't even bat an eye and put me on a great, custom workout plan that got me ready for the intense adventure"

Great custom workouts! ✅ Great accountability.✅ Workouts for your level and pace. ✅ I'm not a gym buff but when I set my heart on making Mt. Fuji my first ever hike/climb, Melissa didn't even bat an eye and put me on a great, custom workout plan that got me ready for the intense adventure in just a few months. I'm looking forward to the day I can train with her again.

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