H.E.A.L. Your Metabolism To Rebuild Your Body

break the diet cycle & get lasting results


Helping women over 40 lose weight & restore metabolism without dieting using my HEAL Method

of hormone balancing, creating sustainable habits and improving your relationship with food.


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How I can help you reach your goals

No more rollercoaster diets

I can get you off that diet rollercoaster and teach you how to eat for a lifetime, lose weight and feel comfortable in your skin again.  

Personalized nutrition coaching is an important component that I provide.  We deal not just with what to eat and when but WHY you eat the way you do. We'll heal your relationship with food.  Fueling your body well is a key to feeling good, reaching your goals, and longevity.

a balanced approach

You'll learn the right type and amount of exercise for you and your goals. In addition to the workouts, my programs also include coaching on proper sleep, recovery, hormone balancing and mental health-things often overlooked by other programs.

My experience

You'll benefit from my 24 years of experience working with a wide variety of clients from athletes to the sedentary.

And, I know from personal experience what it's like to return to a fitness routine and lose weight after having undergone my own knee injury and surgery.  I can empathize with my clients in a whole new way after gaining weight and then losing 28 pounds.  


The Thrive Fitness Therapy Difference


 With 24 years of experience, multiple certifications, and a Master's Degree in Health Promotion, we specialize in helping women reset their metabolism and balance their hormones in order to REGAIN YOUR LIFE.


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