Workout Without Shoes??

Dec 14, 2021

 by Melissa Perkins

Workout Without Shoes??


Training barefoot? YES!! I often lift with no shoes on in order to really connect with the ground. It also uses all those little muscles in the feet that help with balance and arch support.


I love feeling the floor or ground. Being barefoot heightens my senses. I notice a big difference when I’m lifting and doing kettlebell work. I can push through the ground more. I can engage my muscles more.


Our squishy and supportive workout shoes are great for some things like running, but not for some weight lifting exercises like deadlifts or KB exercises.


If you’ve had injuries, this is a great way to get back the loss of proprioception that comes after injury. What’s proprioception? It’s the awareness of the position and movement of the body. Sounds important, doesn’t it? You bet! Our brain gets information from our body and proprioception has an affect on posture, coordination and self awareness. So, finding ways to improve proprioception, like training barefoot should be part of your exercise regimen.